Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics and Finance

Programme Information:

Mode of Attendance  Full-time
Duration of Programme Four Years
Minimum Credits Required for Award 124 credits
Admissions Requirement and Procedure HKDSE Applicants 
Chinese Language: Level 3 or above;
English Language: Level 3 or above;
Mathematics: Level 2 or above;
Liberal Studies: Level 2 or above;
One elective subject: Level 2 or above

Sub-Degree Applicants
JEE (Gaokao) Applicants 
IB Applicants
GCE Applicants
Mature Applicants
Other Applicants


Undergraduate Admission Compass 2022-2023

For Local Applicants
For Mainland Applicants



Hints of Interview

Hints of Interview

About the Programme:

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics and Finance programme adopts a broad-based approach to economics and finance education. The programme emphasizes on the real-world issues and problems, and it strives a balance between quantitative and qualitative analytical skills. It also provides students with internship opportunities from various industries. Moreover, the programme obtains professional recognition by different professional bodies. 

Programme Aims:

1. Provide students with a comprehensive and critical understanding of the ideas, concepts, issues and schools of thought which are central to economics;
2. Equip 
students with a comprehensive and critical understanding of finance theory, financial systems and institutions, the principles of corporate and international finance, and investment analysis;
3. Develop students' comprehensive and critical understanding of the workings of the economies of Hong Kong and the world; and
4.  Develop an environment in which students can learn to be upright persons with a positive attitude towards life while embracing traditional Chinese values and culture in the global world.

【仁大銜接補完計画】- 副學士讀完HR都可以嚟樹仁讀Econ & Finance Year 3?打機又關經濟事?要無悔讀書?

Year 1 entrants are eligible for Longbow Charity Foundation Entrance Scholarship for Commerce Majors. Read the details.


Each student has opportunity to have an internship opportunity of working in a business or financial enterprise in order to  broaden horizon beyond the classroom. It enables students to apply their academic and transferrable working skills to the real world practice.


Alumni Series:

Thomas Tsang & Kenrick Yeung
Lokki Mak, JP Morgan
Andyson Wong, iFREE GROUP
Kenny Tai, FWD
Angie Cheung

Minor Programmes

Students (Major in Economics and Finance) who wish to broaden their level of expertise and enhance their prospects of future career development can study a Minor in another subject. The minimum credit requirement for a Minor is 15. Minor programmes offered include: 

# These Undergraduate Minor Programmes may not lead to the same professional recognition as students who complete the programmes as a Major.