Adjunct Professor


E-mail: skli@hksyu.edu

Research Interests

  • Microeconomics
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Productivity and Efficiency Analysis

Academic Qualifications

  • Hons Dip., HKBC
  • Ph.D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Professional Positions

  • Huangshan Scholar Distinguished Professor ("黃山學者"特聘教授), School of Economics, Hefei University of Technology, China
  • Senior Research Fellow, Business, Economic and Public Policy Research Centre, Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Recent Research Grants

  • Lee, Shu Kam; Li, Sung Ko; Woo, Kai Yin; Shum, Paul. “A Unifying Framework for Structural Efficiency Measurement: Theories and Applications.” Faculty Development Scheme. reference number: UGC/FDS15/E02/21. ($902,000)
  • Lee, Shu Kam; Li, Sung Ko; Tsang, Chun Kei. “Modelling Nonconvex Production Set with Convex Input or Output Sets and Return to Scales. ” University Research Grant, HKSYU. reference number: URG/20/01. ($35,000)
  • Li, Sung-ko. “Searching for an Optimal Efficiency Measure: A Monte Carlo Study.” Faculty Research Grant. reference number: FRG/04-05/I-31. ($49,390)
  • Ng, Ying-chu and Sung-ko Li. “An Economic Evaluation of Chinese Universities during the Post-reform Period.” Faculty Research Grant. reference number: FRG/04-05/I-21. ($24,320)
  • Cheng, Yuk-shing; Li, Sung-ko; Sin, Chor-yiu; Lo Dic. “Decentralization and Regional Distortions in Chinese Industry – Efficiency and Equity Implications.” Research Grant Council. project number: HKBU 2010/02H. ($437,040)


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