Hong Kong Undergraduate Financial Planners of The Year Award 2018

From left to right:
Mr. Chan Kwok Chuen, Ms. Chen Huixuan, Ms. Lee Wing Sze, Ms. He Guantao, Ms. Wong Pui Shan, Ms. Chan Ka Yan, Ms. Leung Maan Chi, Dr. Tang Chi Ho

To strengthen the skills in wealth management, students from Department of Economics and Finance are encouraged to participate in the above captioned competition every year. In the first round, the teams are asked to write a detailed wealth planning proposal for the clients. In the second round, the teams submit a videotaped oral presentation of their proposals. Finally, they give a presentation on “How would you capture the momentum in the financial planning industry” and respond to judges’ questions within 18 minutes.

After the rigorous selection criteria, our students receive the following awards:

  • Ms. Lee Wing Sze, Ms. He Guantao and Ms. Chen Huixuan are the second runner-up of the competition;
  • Ms. Wong Pui Shan, Ms. Chan Ka Yan and Ms. Leung Maan Chi receive the Certificate of Excellent Presentation;
  • Mr. Chan Kwok Chuen, Mr. Wong Cho Pan, Ms. Lo Yat Lai and Mr. Cao Dongliang receive the Certificate of Merits.

The Department of Economics and Finance would like to thank Dr. Tang Chi Ho and Dr. Woo Kai Yin for guiding our students during the competition.