Lecture capture system, Panopto, introduced to enhance learning




Teaching staff attended Panopto workshops in the latter half of August.

Teaching staff attended Panopto workshops in the latter half of August.  


Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) is running a lecture-capturing system with the aim to enhance students’ learning, especially in case of unforeseen cancellation of classes or other events that might interfere with the lecture schedules.

The lecture capturing system, Pantopto, is an all-in-one video e-learning platform which can facilitate recording and sharing of video via laptop, tablet and smartphone, thus the captured content is made available to students anytime, anywhere.

At a meeting of the Academic Board held on 15 March 2019, Professor Catherine SUN, Academic Vice President of HKSYU, proposed the introduction of e-learning tools to maintain the teaching schedule in case of unforeseen cancellation of classes with effect from the academic year 2019/2020. Subsequently, the University began its subscription to Panopto over the summer.

“Since Panotpo is embedded in Moodle, no additional administrative work is required for teaching staff. The only thing they need to do is get familiar with the recording and publishing procedures. As for students, they can easily assess the captured content via Moodle.” Professor SUN Said.

Workshops for teaching staff

The Advancement of Teaching and Learning Committee (ATLC) and the Computing Services Centre have collaborated to provide basic and advanced workshops for teaching staff in the latter half of August and early September. Pre-scheduled recording service is currently provided to teaching staff who are not familiar with the Panopto system.

Professor SUN said in view of the possibility of boycott of classes in the new academic year, the University had asked all teaching staff to attend the Panopto workshop and required all teaching staff who deliver a scheduled class to use Panopto to record it and upload it into Moodle.

“We do not object to the boycott, but it does not mean that we encourage it. Since senior management had made a commitment to students that we would try as far as possible to ensure their learning is not unduly disrupted during a general boycott of classes, all teaching staff must use Panopto to capture the lecture and post them on Moodle. And students on boycott are asked to access the lectures on Moodle for their viewing and learning.” Professor SUN said.

According to Professor SUN, for lectures which involve case study or discussion of confidential information, and teachers may not wish to be recorded and uploaded, it is suggested that this portion can be put to the last part of the lecture so that it can be deleted before uploading.


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